13 musicians and special guests... good tunes... good fun... good Lord! The Mike Flowers Pops Band will play an exclusive one-off Christmas show in December at the Academy! Best known for their rather smoochy version of the Oasis smash hit, “Wonderwall”, Mike Flowers Pops spearheaded and popularized the easy-listening movement on the 1990’s, re-creating other classics in their own easy-listening style, such as The Doors “Light My Fire”! This will be a Christmas show not to be missed!

'TALK', our homage to Kraftwerk via Coldplay, will hopefully soon be available to download from this website through either iTunes or Bleep.com, but until then you can email me a request for an MP3 of the track and I'll send one out to you together with cover art (total file
size approx 3.7MB). I'm also trying to sort out PAYPAL, with the intention of charging 78p per MP3...1p cheaper than iTunes!

It will be available as a limited edition "with bells on" version until 31st of December, at which time it will switch to "timeless classic"...which, with any luck, will win a no-bell prize for music

Please send your request to...


(ps. it would also be great if you could include where you heard about it)


Dear Friend,

It brings tears to my eyes, a lump in the throat and a certain weakness in the knees to announce that The Mike Flowers Pops are to play their first show of a NEW century. There will be NEW numbers, NEW outfits, NEW routines...in fact I was thinking of changing the name to "The ALL NEW Mike Flowers Pops" but I'm afraid it's the SAME OLD people...all 14 of us, and to be honest it's not that different really.

This rare physical manifestation does, however, represent a NEW regime here at MFPHQ and you can expect a much-improved service in future.

The special free-but-for-postage T-Shirt offer still applies while stocks last. I can only apologise to everyone who has made the effort to request one, only to rush to the doormat each morning to find nothing but disappointment...looking on the bright side that makes for quite a bit of exercise over the years. Anyway, I do hereby solemnly pledge that our NEW regime will bring about a NEW Mike Flowers - a very good one who sends T Shirts out and answers all your emails. I'll be re-emailing everyone who has been in touch to see if their address is the same (and measurements... if The Pops are anything to go by, then it's NEW outfits all round - with ROUND being the operative word).

The Pops have also been "in the studio" and, inspired by the exciting potential of digital distribution, we've been laying down some lovely NEW tracks for you. I have also updated the website's discography and brought 'the story so far'up to date.

Yes, my friends - The Pops are...ahem...back.
More soon,


PS. For information regarding pressing MFP issues, you can contact me by email at the following address:



A Christmas card to you and for all of your friends!

Right click on the image (PC) or hold the mouse button down (Mac) to save the image,
you can then print it out or attach it to your emails for lots of festive fun !!!